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“To be one of the India’s largest manufacturers of gears and transmission industry”.



“To be best gear manufacturer in the country by offering a world class gears for import substitute products at affordable price”.

In the present era of sophisticated machinery, gear technology has evolved to a high degree of perfection. Several developments leading to advanced level design and manufacture of gear and gearing systems have taken place.

Prima-facie, a gear is an ordinary machine element, yet such is the modern demand and importance of this seemingly simple engineering component that the science and art of gear engineering is continuing to develop new, highly efficient and unusual forms of gear system, gear mechanisms and ever increasing requirements of present day technology. To-day gears represent a high level of achievement in engineering behind their seemingly simple façade.

Placebo gears & transmissions has set a paradigm among many gear manufacturing industries with a commitment to quality being the principle aim. PGT is fully able to represent the scope and the magnitude of operation being undertaken. Characterized by strong determination and dedication to the profession, PGT has rendered a solid foundation and his principle to quality is practical effect.

Placebo Gears & Transmissions, established by qualified and experienced engineers with a sole aim of meeting the long felt need of developing indigenous spares for the Power Plants,  mechanized mining, paper, steel and cement industries.  PGT has excelled with the approval of original equipment manufactures’ like, greaves, New Allenberry, Elecon, Voith etc., and is specialized in design, development, generation and manufacture of spiral bevel gears and alike import substitutes. The gears are generated on sophisticated GLEASON ® machines, known world-wide in gear industry.

PGT has dedicated professionals having dexterous managerial capabilities, highly trained and experienced personnel having profound proficiency in gear generation with quality norms.

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