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PLACEBO GEARS ANDTRANSMISIONS, AN ISO 9001:2008 certified UNIT MAINTAINING quality management system AND WE aim to enhance customer satisfaction and demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products that THEIR requirements. We do not attribute cost to quality and always strive to provide Reliable, Durable and Flexible services to our customers.

Our Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Team have single POINT focus on accuracy and precision for OUR customer needs leading to jobs that are perfect.


Well-experienced team of engineers heads Placebo design section. Design engineers at PGT use the state of art technology and CAD/CAM software. Based on customer drawings or samples, we manufacture gears as per given specification. Advanced CAD and analytical skills are used to create working model drawings and process drawings.



At PGT raw material is tested thoroughly through Preferred Vendors. Raw Material are inspected at the Manufacturers end for Dimensional, Metallurgical, Non destructive Testing. Raw material Inventory levels of standard sizes and grade are maintained for better delivery schedule and to serve our customers during breakdown by reducing lead time of manufacturing.


Placebo had imported GLEASON ® Machines for gear generation. Spiral Bevel Gears are followed on Five Cut Method. Inspections carried out to check Gear Concentricity and tooth spacing in the manufacturing stage to ensure the end product confirming to the drawing and AGMA Standards. Gear blanks are checked to confirm the drawing requirement before the gear generation. Re sharpening of cutters are done on special purpose grinding machines. Stage inspections are carried out during the process of Gears generation.
Depending upon the client’s needs heat treatment of the finished gear will be carried out. Gears are checked for metallurgical parameters report after heat treatment before Final stages of operations like grinding are performed. Carburising batch identification testing variables are continously recorded throughout the production process to ensure traceability and continous monitoring of Heat treatment process. Complete microstructures, micro hardness survey is carried out for each batch of heat treatment.


At PGT every gear set is matched and lapped with special lapping compound on most modern PLC controlled Gleason® lapping machines featured with SPC(swing pinion cone) lapping action provides more accurate controls, improved quality reduced noise level, better contact pattern and greater flexibility. Also equipped with horizontal and backlash motion permits faster and effective lapping.


Our gears have robust construction, reliable performance, high efficiency, economy and long life. So at PGT, Quality control systems developed is more than a slogan and is implemented from every stage. All the tools and Measuring instruments are periodically calibrated to confirm to the standards. Final inspection will be carried out using non destructive tests. Backlash variation, contact pattern are some of the checks carried out. Packing is carried out at most important manner not to damage the gear teeth profile. Our service extends to provide reliable maintenance. During operation, we uphold the gear failures occurred due to fatigue, high stresses, lubrication, mounting, cooling. We make sure our gears are free from noise, chatter and ability for high load carrying capacity at constant velocity.

Finally it is the obsession with quality that has earned PLACEBO the privilege to supply Gears to the OEM and various clients.
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